Engaging a bailiff
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Need to hire a bailiff? Engage Breyta.

Using a bailiff for businesses

If you have invoiced work or services, you obviously want to get paid for it. For this, you can hire a bailiff. This applies to both companies and private individuals. Breyta is there exclusively for companies (SME and ZZP).

Within one working day you will receive an advice and cost estimate. Completely free of obligation. 
We will start working only after your consent.

Judicial ruling; judgment or order

In order for the bailiff to do his job, he has a court ruling necessary. For this, a legal proceeding must be initiated. Legal proceedings start with a writ of summons. You need a bailiff to issue the summons to your client.

You may also want to engage a bailiff because you are already in possession of a judgment or order but no payment has yet been made. Even then, you can engage a bailiff. The bailiff can seize property or income in order to still get what you are entitled to.

Every case is different

Breyta is happy to help you take the right steps towards payment of your claim. Via this handy tool Ask for a tailored advice without obligation. We tailor our approach to your unique case and like to hear the 'story' surrounding the claim to make the right choices.

Why engage Breyta?

We can subpoena your debtor within a week. But we can also hit the 'brakes' and save you from unnecessary costs. With this honest and decisive approach, we make the difference.

Our own collection lawyers carry out the legal proceedings. This allows us to move quickly. With the court ruling, our bailiffs can quickly get to work to collect your claim.

First step to using a bailiff

The first step to using a bailiff is, here your unpaid invoices or court ruling. This can be done in as little as 3 minutes. As every case has its own unique aspects, we carefully assess your case first.

Will the court grant this claim? Can payment be expected after the judgment?

We also scrutinise your debtor and advise whether payment can be expected. In some cases, we can still persuade the debtor to pay even before the proceedings, thus avoiding unnecessary costs on both sides.

Is there already a judgment or order?

In case you already have a judgement, we quickly engage the right bailiff. In order to quickly and vigorously collect your claim. Submit the judgement here in. Of course, you will receive a cost estimate in advance and we will only start working after your approval.

Get a free consultation and cost estimate

Submit your request to engage a bailiff via the button below with no obligation. And receive a no-obligation consultation with cost estimate within one working day. We will only start working after your approval.

Completely without obligation. We only start working after your approval.

Summary key points about bailiff engagement:

1. Via Breyta can companies (incl. self-employed) engage a bailiff

2. With a court ruling, the bailiff has authority to seize property or income

3. For this, a judicial collection procedure needed. Breyta handles fixed costs For legal proceedings, you will find them → here

4. The cost of using a bailiff differences on a case-by-case basis. This depends, among other things, on the amount of the claim and the complexity of the case

5. Breyta makes a difference by giving you a non-committal and honest advice. Serve here without obligation submit your application

Kees Post

Owner, Breyta debt collection

Frequently asked questions about bailiffs

What is a bailiff not allowed to do?

Bailiffs are allowed without an order no enter home or business.

They may also no take property unrelated to the business they are working on.

Bailiffs may not make threats or promises about which it is known in advance that they will not or cannot take place. 

What does a bailiff cost?

The prices of official acts of a judicial officer are set by the state. These prices are set every year indexed.

You can see the rates for 2023 here find

Can a bailiff threaten?

Only under certain circumstances, such as when the bailiff has the power to do so.

He may no announce action, such as an attachment, if he does not intend to.

The bailiff can indicate possible seizures in the future.

Engage bailiff?

Feel free to call us if you need a bailiff at 033-7858470.

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Exclusively for companies

"I can highly recommend this service. A fast and adequate approach, in addition excellent communication about steps to be taken and steps taken."

-Rocus van den Heuvel

"What a quick and direct handling with an invoice that had been outstanding for over six months. Next time I will engage them earlier because it was such a nice collaboration."

-B.A.S. Exclusive

S. van Daatselaar
S. van Daatselaar
7. September, 2023.
Thanks for a great collaboration!
17. Aug, 2023.
Very neat company do what they promise !
Bennie Jansen
Bennie Jansen
14. July, 2023.
Breyta debt collection did an excellent job for me. The full amount of outstanding invoices was collected for me. Top!
Yward Botma
Yward Botma
11. July, 2023.
Fine experience with this company, professional, good communication!
27. June, 2023.
Super nice cooperation and good communication, thank you very much for the service!
Big Big
Big Big
24. June, 2023.
Countrymill Horsesupport
Countrymill Horsesupport
20. June, 2023.
Super satisfied with handling, quickly and neatly arranged, thanks for that.
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Marc Pennards
19. April, 2023.
Mohamed El wadya
Mohamed El wadya
26. March, 2023.
Super nice cooperation and good communication! The company is committed to its customer for 200%. I am very satisfied.
Janneke Arkesteijn
Janneke Arkesteijn
3. March, 2023.
Quick and very friendly contact. Have kept me well informed of the status of the procedure. Everything was handled quickly in the end!
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