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Integrity and decisiveness


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Healthy debtor management

As a self-employed person or SME, do you have invoices that remain unpaid?
Healthy debtor management is the essence of success.

Breyta is the expert to streamline this for you. Especially if you have to deal with collection cases or even legal proceedings. Our agency is low-threshold, honest and personal: with us, you always have one permanent point of contact.

Here you will find the complete overview of all the services we offer. From pre-collection dunning to bankruptcy filings.  

Debt collection services Breyta

For whom? For companies based in the Netherlands with claims against individuals or businesses. We handle both  national as international collection cases.

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Optimising accounts receivable management?

→ With less effort, paid faster.

→ Make an appointment and receive tailor-made advice.

→ Automatically transfer non-paying customers to Breyta.


Avoid a debt collection case

→ We will send a reminder on our letterhead for €9.99.

→ Last chance to pay without collection fees.

→ Powerful signal to non-paying customer.


Unpaid invoice? Leave the collection to us!

→ Within 3 hours, we will take up your case.

→ If we don't collect anything, you pay nothing.

→ A solution to your case in four to six weeks.

Gerechtelijke incasso procedure Breyta


Legal dispute or payment persists after collection process? 

→ We take care of the entire legal procedure.

→ Advance advice on costs, opportunities and risks.

→ We recover costs from the other party.


Seizure of income and property

→ Within one working day, you will receive an advice and cost estimate.

→ Integral and decisive approach.

→ Your business gets the attention it deserves through Breyta.


Most likely to be paid for B2B receivables

→ Full procedure for a flat rate.

→ Get in touch and get advice on the opportunities and risks.

→ The cost will be borne by your customer.

Questions about our debt collection services?

Our clients:

Asiatico - klant Breyta - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Graphic Design - klant incassobureau Breyta
Marree Technische Groothandel - klant incassobureau Breyta
Temm & Tuin - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Edison Projectmanagement - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Color Up - Logo klant incassobureau Breyta
Altac Group - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Equipment Group Holland - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Saniq - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Prezon - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Dental Union - Klant incassobureau Breyta
DIAS Software - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Van Heugten Tapijttegels - Klant incassobureau Breyta
TenD verhuur - Klant incassobureau Breyta
DG Rubber - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Irritech - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Staxxer - Klant incassobureau Breyta

Reviews on Breyta:

Joëll J
Joëll J
23. November, 2023.
Super fine experience with Breyta and Kees Post After reading several bad reviews of other parties, I ended up with Breyta, who did have a lot of positive reviews. I now understand why. After initial contact, I was advised to send a pre-collection letter. After this came to nothing, I received a neat phone call asking if I wanted to start the collection process. After I answered in the affirmative, the collection process was started. During the collection process, Kees kept me properly informed at all times. If I called late in the evening, there was always an employee present to speak to me and to leave a call-back request with Kees. The next day I was then neatly called by Kees. In the end, there was little to no (re)action from my debtor. When we were about to start legal proceedings, we received word that my debtor was going to file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately. Despite this disappointment, I would still like to thank Kees and his team enormously for thinking along with me and the fine service during the process.
Sandra van Heel
Sandra van Heel
22. November, 2023.
Super satisfied with Breyta! I will recommend it to anyone if you are looking for a collection agency that absolutely honours its agreements. They respond quickly and they do everything they can to help you and keep you well informed of progress.
Sofia Valero
Sofia Valero
25. October, 2023.
Great service
Meubelmakerij Roos en Termaat
Carpentry Roos and Termaat
25. September, 2023.
Fine company clear and act fast.
S. van Daatselaar
S. van Daatselaar
7. September, 2023.
Thanks for a great collaboration!
17. Aug, 2023.
Very neat company do what they promise !
Bennie Jansen
Bennie Jansen
14. July, 2023.
Breyta debt collection did an excellent job for me. The full amount of outstanding invoices was collected for me. Top!
Yward Botma
Yward Botma
11. July, 2023.
Fine experience with this company, professional, good communication!
27. June, 2023.
Super nice cooperation and good communication, thank you very much for the service!
Big Big
Big Big
24. June, 2023.
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