Breyta's pre-collection service

Step for collection still too big?


Powerful signal to your debtor


Final reminder without collection costs


Usually prevents a collection process


Cost: € 9.99 per debtor

Years of experience

Satisfied customers

Your invoice paid without jeopardising your customer relationship?

What is pre-collection?

A pre-collection is a written reminder, sent on behalf of Breyta. The tone in the letter is friendly.

No collection fees are charged in the pre-collection reminder. This gives your debtor a strong signal That you are serious about getting your bill paid.

The defaulter doesn't experience any consequences yet, but sees that you have found your way to a collection service. In the pre-collection letter, your debtor will read what the consequences are if this final demand letter is ignored. 

You communicate that you will give your debtor a last opportunity grants to pay the outstanding amount without additional charges. This message is so clear that the recipient of our pre-collection letter usually makes payment within the stipulated period.

The costs of a pre-collection are € 9,99 per debtor regardless of how many invoices are open.  

Get your invoice paid, and avoid a debt collection case.

How does our pre-collection work?


1. Start pre-collection

We will send a friendly reminder asking us to pay the outstanding invoice.

2. Payment in 14 days

Not paid in 14 days? Then we will inform you about the next steps without any obligation.

3. Pre-collection payment

You get the customer's money paid directly into your account, we are not in the middle.

4. Start collection

Not getting paid? Then we can help you start a collection case. Of course, this is entirely without obligation.

The pre-collection reminder


We are your partner from debtor management to court. Read here more about our services.

Breyta: From pre-collection dunning to court proceedings

Since 2019, we have helped dozens of companies and self-employed people collect their unpaid invoices both from business customers and consumers.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and therefore know intimately what is the best route for your invoice and how to approach the customer behind the invoice to achieve the best results.

Exclusively for companies

Our pre-collection dunning is exclusively for companies facing an unpaid invoice. We have national coverage and are centrally located in Nijkerk (central Netherlands).

Pre-collection reminder submitted within 3 minutes

You can easily enter the details of the outstanding invoice via our website so that we can send the pre-collection reminder.

Action within 3 hours on working days. Do you want to skip the pre-collection reminder and start a collection process right away? Click here for more info on our no cure, no pay debt collection.

HandsOn Installation - Nijkerk

"The contact over the outstanding invoice was completely stuck when I engaged Breyta. I was able to get back to my own work while Kees ensured full payment of the invoice! Very pleased also with the quick turnaround via email and app."

Karel Post

HandsOn installation

These clients have gone before you:

Incassobureau Nijkerk logo 1


'I have found the experience with Breyta very pleasant. Short lines of communication and clear communication. If I had any questions they were also answered within a few days and last but not least; The invoice was paid by the customer."


TEMM & TUIN - Nijkerk

'Breyta guided us in entering into proceedings and provided advice. We as a landscaping company are greatly benefited been by outsourcing these headaches to Breyta. Without Kees' help, we would have missed out on these missing payments out of lack of time and knowledge. We are very happy with his contribution!”

Jan Temmermans


'Super good service neat and personal'

Dave Spies


S. van Daatselaar
S. van Daatselaar
7. September, 2023.
Thanks for a great collaboration!
17. Aug, 2023.
Very neat company do what they promise !
Bennie Jansen
Bennie Jansen
14. July, 2023.
Breyta debt collection did an excellent job for me. The full amount of outstanding invoices was collected for me. Top!
Yward Botma
Yward Botma
11. July, 2023.
Fine experience with this company, professional, good communication!
27. June, 2023.
Super nice cooperation and good communication, thank you very much for the service!
Big Big
Big Big
24. June, 2023.
Countrymill Horsesupport
Countrymill Horsesupport
20. June, 2023.
Super satisfied with handling, quickly and neatly arranged, thanks for that.
Marc Pennards
Marc Pennards
19. April, 2023.
Mohamed El wadya
Mohamed El wadya
26. March, 2023.
Super nice cooperation and good communication! The company is committed to its customer for 200%. I am very satisfied.
Janneke Arkesteijn
Janneke Arkesteijn
3. March, 2023.
Quick and very friendly contact. Have kept me well informed of the status of the procedure. Everything was handled quickly in the end!
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