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Are you looking for a collection agency in Nijkerk?

Collection agency Breyta gets your invoices paid

Are your invoices not being paid on time and you want a reliable Need to hire a collection agency from the Nijkerk area? Then Breyta is the right agency for you. Then start now FREE your debt collection case, this can easily be done online.

Using Breyta debt collection agency is a quick and easy way to get your unpaid invoices getting paid.

Breyta is a reliable and personal collection agency that can help your business get outstanding invoices paid.

If we collect nothing, it costs you nothing. No cure, no pay! Fair enough. 

Call in debt collection agency Nijkerk

A customer not paying their invoice is never fun. Often, agreements are not kept and you do not get on with the customer, even though you have provided products or services. We from Breyta understand this and are ready to help you further.

Starting a debt collection case is free of charge, No Cure, No Pay. In doing so, we will work with respect for you and the customer and and you can within 3 minutes your outstanding claim submit. This way, you no longer have to chase the outstanding invoice yourself and can start a collection case without the risk of costs.

I myself couldn't get back on track with my client. Breyta managed to get the invoice paid within 4 weeks! And as promised at no cost to me."

Adriaan van den Bor

Owner, Smits cast floors

Informatie icoon incassobureau Breyta

This way, you easily engage collection agency Breyta online. Get your outstanding invoices paid


1. Filing a collection

To start the collection process, we only need a few simple details. Your details, the debtor's details and the outstanding invoice.


2. Confirmation of receipt

We at Breyta study the data and confirm whether the data is complete. Then it is possible to start the collection process.

3. Start collection

We discuss with you, how we communicate with the customer about the outstanding invoice. This can be via Whatsapp, e-mail or, of course, a letter, for example. Personal attention and flexibility from Breyta.

4. Disbursement

We get outstanding invoices paid within 4 weeks on average.

After full payment, you will receive the full amount within 24 hours. Simple and straightforward.


 No Cure - No Pay ✅ 

If we don't collect anything, you don't pay anything either. A unpaid invoice causes enough frustration, after all. Our earnings are recovered from your client, which is fair and in line with legal requirements. Is the claim paid in full?

Then you will receive 100% of the outstanding invoice, within one working day on your account.

Engage online debt collection agency Nijkerk ✅ 

Through our website, you easily submit the outstanding invoice. We will ask you for some details about you and your client so we can get started right away.

On weekdays for 16:00 collection case started? Same-day action.

Debt collection exclusively for SME and ZZP ✅ 

Our collection process focuses exclusive on debt collection for businesses and especially SMEs and ZZP so that we can serve them optimally. Our collection agency is based in Nijkerk (central Netherlands) but our working area extends throughout the Netherlands. We work for SMEs and sole traders who invoice to individuals or business customers.

These clients have gone before you:

Edison Projectmanagement - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Graphic Design - klant incassobureau Breyta
Temm & Tuin - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Marree Technische Groothandel - klant incassobureau Breyta
Jet-Parts.com - Klant incassobureau Breyta

TEMM & TUIN - Nijkerk

'Breyta guided us in entering into proceedings and provided advice. We as a landscaping company are greatly benefited been by outsourcing these headaches to Breyta. Without Kees' help, we would have missed out on these missing payments out of lack of time and knowledge. We are very happy with his contribution!”

Jan Temmermans


'I have found the experience with Breyta very pleasant. Short lines of communication and clear communication. If I had any questions they were also answered within a few days and last but not least; The invoice was paid by the customer."



'Super good service neat and personal'

Dave Spies


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