Collection agency must be licensed from 2024

Written by Kees Post

28 October 2023

 UPDATE October 2023: the licensing requirement for debt collection agencies has been moved from 1 January 2024 to 1 March 2024

Collection agencies have so far had to no licence, this will change from March 2024.

Collection agencies should from March 2024 have a licence before they are allowed to operate. Licensed collection agencies are included in a national register of debt collectors.

The Quality of Collection Services Act will be the basis for the licensing of collection agencies. This concerns the out-of-court phase or known as the amicable collection process. This phase sometimes involves the use of rogue collection agencies with all its consequences.


What are the main changes with a licence for Collection Agencies?

  1. From March 2024 every collection agency must be licensed.
  2. Licensed collection agencies will be added to a register.
  3. Collection agencies also need to know what their laws and duties are and abide by them.
  4. Using easy language and being transparent in the costs of debt collection work.
  5. Compliance will be monitored by a monitoring and enforcement system
Collection specialist Kees Post

Collection specialist, Founder of Breyta

When does a collection agency a licence needed

 From 1 March 2024 the "quality of debt collection services" law will in all likelihood come into force.

From then on, a collection agency needs one licence to carry out their work.

For Breyta, this licence will be no problem at all, due to our years of experience in the debt collection industry, we know how important personal service is.

Collection Services Quality Act

The unique purpose of this bill is to increase the quality of the private out-of-court debt collection services by private collection agencies, bailiffs and collection lawyers.

The proposal is prompted by problems in practice at some debt collection agencies. These may be unjustified claims or excessive collection fees. Aggressive and threatening language is also often used by rogue debt collection agencies.

Always engage a collection agency which works according to the standards and values of normal people and, of course, the law. We at Breyta stand for personal service and transparent costs.

The bill "Debt Collection Services Quality Act" consists of the following points:

    • Require debt collection agencies to register in a special debt collection register.
    • Allows lower regulations to set quality requirements for amicable debt collection services.
    • Establishes a system of monitoring and enforcement.
    • Includes measures against the sale of debt and measures against the merit model in buying up term receivables.


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Free debt collection advice?

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  Connected in 1 minute with a collection professional

 Sparring together about the collection case

✅ Answer all your questions about our working method

 Free advice On the best debt collection approach

✅ On weekdays from 08:00 - 20:00 hour

 Free for entrepreneurs

Frequently asked questions licence collection agencies


When does a debt collection agency need a licence?

From 1 March 2024 a debt collection agency operating in the Netherlands needs a licence


Who does the collection services licence apply to?

The Collection Services Act applies to collection agencies and for buyers of debts


Where can I find the Debt Collection Services Quality Act?

You can find the law on quality collection services on the website of the second chamber

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