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Best collection agency in Rotterdam

Say Rotterdam, you say ports, hard work and telling it like it is. Not for nothing does Rotterdam have the most companies in the Netherlands! Where a lot happens, unfortunately not everything goes smoothly. If you do business in Rotterdam, then definitely connect with collection agency Breyta.

We are Rotterdam's best debt collection agency because we fit seamlessly into Rotterdam's business environment. We switch with the smallest company as effortlessly as with the largest multinational.

We work in a people-oriented way and we communicate plainly. And where possible, also with humour. With our collection agency as your partner, you get your invoices paid quickly and runs your business pleasantly in our beloved Rotjeknor.

As the best collection agency in Rotterdam, you get from us:

√ Personal attention from a regular practitioner
√ Within 3 hours after submission, we take up the case
√ No cure, no pay! Your customer pays our costs
√ Not words, but deeds! Our collection score is therefore 91%



Collection agency no cure, no pay in Rotterdam

Breyta collection agency of Rotterdam works according to the no cure, no pay formula. This way, you don't run any risk when submitting your outstanding invoice.

You start a debt collection case low-threshold and free of charge at the best debt collection agency for companies via this handy tool.  Then, through personal contact, we find out where the shoe pinches.

If we collect nothing, it costs you nothing. No cure, no pay! Fair enough. 

Start collection process

You can through our website, easy submit the outstanding invoice.

We will ask you for some details about you and your client so we can get started right away. This allows us to move quickly and not bother you with unnecessary questions.

Submitted on working days before 16:00? Same-day action. We arrive within within 4 weeks with a solution to your outstanding bill. 

Best debt collection agency for businesses

Our customers rate us no less than a 9,4. That is why we have joined forces with straight the best debt collection agency for businesses. Because we focus exclusively on debt collection for businesses including SME and ZZP We know exactly how to put an outstanding invoice in the business market can get paid.

Our collection agency is centrally located and operates in all of the Netherlands.

Benefits collection agency Breyta

  • Your customer pays the costs
  • 91% collection rate in collection cases
  • 100% of the principal on full payment
  • Specialising in debt collection for businesses
  • Short lines, regular practitioner
  • Nationwide coverage (including Rotterdam)

No cure, no pay debt collection agency Rotterdam

If we do not collect anything, you also pay nothing.

If your client doesn't pay the invoice, that's frustrating enough. That's why our earnings are recovered from your client, so fair and in accordance with legal requirements.

Is the claim paid in full? Then you will receive 100% of the outstanding invoice, within one working day on your account. View all information on our rates

Starting debt collection case roadmap

Step #1
Step #1

Submit your invoices

Send the details of your company and those of your debtor. Add the outstanding invoice for which you want to start the collection.

This may be per email, WhatsApp or use the button below.

Step #2
Step #2

Read your confirmation

All data delivered properly?

Then you will receive our confirmation and we will start.

Your case we take on weekdays already within 3 hours pending.

Step #3
Step #3

Consultation approach

Think about our collection approach.

How best to reach your customer, via WhatsApp, e-mail or letter?

Even going by is an option, if you expect this to work out better.

Step #4
Step #4

Paid within a day

After full payment you will receive within 24 hours the full outstanding amount into your account.

Usually this already succeeds within four weeks and we can close the case.

Collection agency Rotterdam for businesses

Breyta has the same goal as you: getting your invoice paid while keeping your client relationships intact in the Rotterdam region. That is why our debt collection methods are innovative and people-oriented.

Without a foot in the door, without blunt axe work. We believe in results through connection and personal contact.

You think about the best approach, so that the solution works for all parties. Without you paying for it, by the way.

Free consultation about your debt collection case in Rotterdam?

At no cure, no pay collection agency Breyta there is room to consult about your debt collection case. For example, how can we best approach the debtor in your case?

Even if you or the debtor are not based in Rotterdam, you can engage us. This is because our collection agency has national coverage.

Spruce On the best approach for your outstanding invoices? Call us for free advice.

Is collection agency Breyta also there for legal proceedings and using a bailiff?

Yes. Also for a judicial collection and the using a bailiff you can hire collection agency Breyta. Our lawyers will draft the summons and take care of the entire legal procedure. You can start legal collection proceedings as early as from €300.  You can read all about it here our judicial debt collection or call us for free advice and a tailored cost estimate.

Start a debt collection case in Rotterdam within 3 minutes

When you engage debt collection agency Breyta, we are going to immediately Get started with your debt collection case. You start a debt collection case within 3 minutes via our handy tool.

We try to get in direct contact with your customer and act in a people-oriented way. We do this through various channels. Even instant messaging via WhatsApp is at our innovation in debt collection methods  included.

Our customers usually receive within four weeks the full amount into their account. Without charge, because we do not do file fees or subscription fees. Collection agency Breyta handles every collection case on the basis of no cure, no pay.

Frequently asked questions: What is best no cure, no pay collection agency in Rotterdam?


What is the best collection agency in Rotterdam?

The best collection agency in Rotterdam is Breyta. Through our personal attention for you and your clients, we get results quickly and our clients rate us with a 9,4!

The advantages of Breyta at a glance

  • We work according to the "no cure, no pay- principle', no risks for you
  • Fixed collection specialist for your debt collection case
  • 91% collection rate
  • 10 years of experience in SME and ZZP


What does 𝙣𝙤 𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙚, 𝙣𝙤 𝙥𝙖𝙮 collection mean?

No cure, no pay literally means: no result, no fees. Whether your debtor pays or not, you do not pay for collection costs. Only in the exceptional case if your debtor makes a partial payment will we deduct collection costs from the amount received.


How does 𝙣𝙤 𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙚, 𝙣𝙤 𝙥𝙖𝙮 collection work?

No cure, no pay works for us as follows.

  1. You start a debt collection case through our website.
  2. Your case will be processed within 3 hours on working days based on no cure, no pay.
  3. Our collection process usually results in payment or resolution within four weeks.
  4. You get the full invoice amount in your account the same day upon full payment of the debtor, who also pays the collection fees. (see our cost overview no cure, no pay collection)


Can a collection agency operate on a 𝙣𝙤 𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙚, 𝙣𝙤 𝙥𝙖𝙮 basis?

Yes, collection agencies are allowed under the no cure, no pay-principle work. This is why Breyta can offer debt collection services on this basis. Other professions, such as lawyers, are not allowed to do so.


Is 𝙣𝙤 𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙚, 𝙣𝙤 𝙥𝙖𝙮 collection always free?

Yes, starting a debt collection process is at no cure, no pay-collection agency Breyta always free of charge.

Have we failed to collect your claim after going through the entire collection process? Then you will receive a proposal from us without any obligation where you can indicate what you want: closing the case free of charge or continuing with a legal proceeding.

We will go through all the options with you so you know what the options and costs are. This way, you will never be faced with an unexpected cost.

Do you want to close the case while we are working on the collection process? Then we will charge a small fee for our work. This is 10% of the principal amount, with a minimum amount of €45.


Does 𝙣𝙤 𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙚, 𝙣𝙤 𝙥𝙖𝙮 collection have any drawbacks?

No, to no cure, no pay-Collection as Breyta works has no drawbacks. We offer this in complete confidence, because we have the same goal as you: getting the outstanding invoice paid. It also proves that we believe one hundred per cent in our approach.

Note: no cure, no pay-collection is not the same with every collection agency. This is why we reiterate that we are guaranteed not to charge anything to our clients if the debtor does not pay, nor when the debtor pays everything.

Nothing is really nothing either: no start-up costs, no file costs, no administration costs, no subscription costs. If our personal and relationship-based approach suits you, is no cure, no pay-collection from Breyta is the best solution for you as a customer.

Customer experiences debt collection agency Breyta working in Rotterdam

Edison Projectmanagement - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Graphic Design - klant incassobureau Breyta
Temm & Tuin - Klant incassobureau Breyta
Marree Technische Groothandel - klant incassobureau Breyta
Jet-Parts.com - Klant incassobureau Breyta

TEMM & TUIN - Nijkerk

'Breyta guided us in entering into proceedings and provided advice. We as a landscaping company are greatly benefited been by outsourcing these headaches to Breyta. Without Kees' help, we would have missed out on these missing payments out of lack of time and knowledge. We are very happy with his contribution!”

Jan Temmermans


'I have found the experience with Breyta very pleasant. Short lines of communication and clear communication. If I had any questions they were also answered within a few days and last but not least; The invoice was paid by the customer."



'Super good service neat and personal'

Dave Spies


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