Subdistrict court fee 2024

Written by: Kees Post

4 February 2023

If you have disputes regarding your employment contract, rental agreement or (consumer) purchase contract, you go to the cantonal court. 

You can also go to the subdistrict court for claims up to €25,000. In this case, only the plaintiff (initiator of the lawsuit) has to pay court fees.

Thus, the defendant (defender in the lawsuit) does not have to pay court fees in the first instance.

The court ultimately decides whether the plaintiff or defendant must pay these costs, or whether these costs are shared. Usually, the party found to be in the wrong has to pay the costs of the lawsuit.

This is called a costs order. These include the court fees.

The court fee has been updated for the year 2024



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Subdistrict court costs

Below are the costs incurred by a plaintiff in a subdistrict court, at the time the plaintiff starts a lawsuit. The higher the claim, the higher the court fees.

Subdistrict court fee schedule for 2024

Level of claimNon-natural personsNatural personsLow-income natural persons
Of undetermined value or From € 0 to € 5001308787
From € 500.01 to € 1,500.0032821887
From € 1,500.01 to € 2,500.0037224887
From € 2,500.01 to € 5,000.0049624887
From €5,000.01 to €12,500.0052424887
More than €12,500140970687
Opposition Bill Mulder1308787

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