Invoice not paid? 6 tips to get paid

Written by Kees Post

2 December 2023

Do you have outstanding invoices that are not being paid? It is frustrating when a customer does not pay the invoice. The payment deadline has passed, you have delivered good work, but the payment fails to materialise. For businesses, and especially for self-employed people, it quickly becomes a problem when an invoice is not paid.

Discover our 6 valuable tips to ensure you receive payments on time.

Breyta's 6 tips for getting payments for unpaid invoices are:


  1. Communicate clearly about payment terms.
  2. Send in time payment reminders.
  3. Offer different payment methods.
  4. Engage a collection agency.
  5. Establish a clear debtor management policy.
  6. Ensure good customer relations.
Collection specialist Kees Post

Collection specialist, Founder of Breyta

Getting invoices paid is not automatic

To ensure that invoices are paid on time, it is important to timely payment reminders manage and establish a clear debt management policy.

This shows that you take payment seriously and prevents late payments. In the following sections, we will share six valuable tips to ensure your invoices are paid on time, including sending payment reminders and establishing a clear debtor management policy.

We can completely unburden you, with proper debtor management.

Tip 1: Communicate payment terms clearly

One of the most important steps to ensure that outstanding invoices are paid on time is by clearly communicating the payment deadline.

It is important to state this deadline clearly on the invoice and make it easy for customers to understand. This will let them know exactly when payment is expected and avoid any misunderstandings or delays.

The payment deadline is the period in which the customer has to pay the invoice. This can range from 14 to 30 days or longer, depending on what you have agreed. Make sure the payment period is realistic and in line with the customer's expectations.

By clearly stating the payment term on the invoice, the customer knows when payment is expected. This prevents ambiguity and ensures that the invoice is paid on time.

Tip 2: Send timely payment reminders

When customers fail to pay on time, it can sending payment reminders Help to remind them of their outstanding invoices. To apply this policy efficiently, we recommend drafting a clear policy in advance.

Make sure your policy clearly states when you send payment reminders and how often you do so. By informing customers of these rules, they know what to expect and you avoid unnecessary discussions or disagreements.

The payment reminder should be clearly and kindly worded. Remember to include the invoice date, invoice number, due date, outstanding amount and payment instructions. If this is a second or third payment reminder, you can also refer to the previous payment reminders sent.

TIP: Also include a payment due date in the payment reminder, so customers know that if no payment is made after this date, further steps will be taken.

Remember that sending payment reminders is not only important to outstanding invoices collect but also for maintaining a professional relationship with your customers. It enables them to pay on time and can prevent any misunderstandings or dissatisfaction over any billing errors.


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Tip 3: Offer different payment methods

It is important to make it as easy as possible for customers to pay their bills. By different payment methods offer, you increase the chances of them actually paying.

There are several ways to pay an invoice, including bank transfer, iDEAL, credit card, and PayPal. Make sure you offer all options and communicate this clearly on your invoices. This way, customers can choose the method that suits them best.

Overview of payment methods: pros and cons

Payment method Advantages Cons
Bank transfer reliable, no extra costs slower payment, manual processing
iDEAL fast, easy and safe Unknown abroad
Credit card quick and easy payment, worldwide acceptance high transaction costs
PayPal safe and reliable, fast payments transaction costs

By offering several payment methods, you make it easy for customers to pay their bills and increase the likelihood of timely payment.

This can be especially important if you are dealing with customers who do not pay, as is the case with self-employed workers, for example.

Tip 4: Make use of a debt collection agency for businesses and ZZP

If collecting invoices remains a challenge, it is wise to hire a collection agency. At Breyta, we specialise in invoice collection for businesses and self-employed people.

We understand that collecting invoices can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult. That is why we offer our expertise to support you in collecting your invoices.

Our approach focuses on maintaining the relationship between you and your customers, while ensuring that payments are received on time.

We always start by sending a friendly but clear reminder to the customer. If payment is still not made, we proceed to send reminders and call the customer if necessary.

No cure , No pay

At Breyta debt collection agency, we work on no-cure-no-pay basis. This means we will only charge if we succeed in collecting payment.

Moreover, we do not charge collection costs to the customer, as by law these costs are the debtor's responsibility.

If it is necessary to start legal proceedings, we can also provide legal support.

We have a network of lawyers who specialise in collecting outstanding invoices. Thanks to our expertise, we can help you minimise the costs and risks of legal proceedings.

If you need help collecting invoices, contact us without obligation. We will be happy to help.

Tip 5: Establish a clear debtor management policy

A good accounts receivable management policy is essential for collecting invoices on time. It is important to have clear procedures for following up non-paying customers.

By taking a structured approach, you prevent payment delays and ensure efficient financial administration.

What is good debtor management?

To have a clear debtor management policy, you can apply the following procedures:

    • Send clear payment terms along with the invoice

    • Send timely payment reminders

    • Contact us by phone when a payment is outstanding

    • Make clear arrangements for payment when necessary

    • Send a final reminder before taking further steps

By applying these procedures consistently, you ensure that customers know where they stand and what to expect when invoices are not paid on time. This prevents ambiguity and reduces the risk of unpaid invoices.

Financial administration

A good accounts receivable management policy is also important for efficient financial administration. By collecting invoices on time, you ensure a healthy cash flow. This makes it possible to make investments and grow your business. By having structured financial records, you can monitor the financial health of your business and make timely adjustments where necessary.

In addition, a good accounts receivable management policy prevents you from spending unnecessary time and money on collecting invoices or legal proceedings. This saves costs and allows you to focus on growing your business.


Questions about invoice collection?

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Tip 6: Ensure good customer relations

A good relationship with your customers can help prevent payment problems. We recommend regular communication with your customers and excellent customer service. Make sure you are always available for questions or problems, and take the time to listen to their feedback.

By building a strong relationship with your customers, you increase the chances of them paying on time. It is important to remember that your customers are also business owners, and they may sometimes face financial challenges or other problems. By showing understanding and working together to find solutions, you can strengthen your relationship with your customer and avoid potential payment problems.

Why good customer relations are important for collecting outstanding invoices

If a customer does not pay, it can be tempting to move quickly to send payment reminders and even hire a collection agency.

But before taking these steps, it is important to consider what might be going on. Perhaps the client is having problems with their own cash flow, or there is a misunderstanding about the invoice.

By building a good relationship with your customer, you can avoid unnecessary escalation and resolve payment problems more effectively. By communicating openly and transparently, you can work together to find a solution that works for both parties. This can result in better cash flow for your business and a satisfied customer who may come back to you in the future.

Getting your invoice paid as a sole trader

As a self-employed person without staff (ZZP), not getting invoices paid can have a big impact on your financial stability.

We at Breyta understand this unique challenge and are happy to help. It is essential to be proactive in your invoicing process. Make sure your invoices are sent clearly, accurately and on time. Don't be afraid to contact your customer regularly for a payment update. This is how you keep communication going.

If payment is not made, a friendly but immediate payment reminder do wonders.

For situations where this does not work, we at Breyta are ready to support you with professional debt collection services, always striving to maintain a good relationship between you and your customer. Your success as a self-employed person is our priority.

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Frequently asked questions about getting invoices paid


How can I ensure invoices are paid on time?

There are several tips you can follow to ensure that invoices are paid on time. One of the most important steps is clearly communicating the payment term. It is also important to send timely payment reminders, offer different payment methods and, if necessary, use a collection agency.


What should I do if a customer does not pay?

If a customer does not pay, it is important to first communicate clearly about the outstanding invoice and set a payment deadline. If payment is still not forthcoming, you can consider using a collection agency. Breyta collection agency specialises in collecting outstanding invoices for SMEs and self-employed people.


How can I improve my receivables management policy?

To improve your debtor management policy, it is important to have clear procedures for following up non-paying customers. Make sure you apply these policies consistently and have a clear payment reminder policy. Having a good credit management policy will help you avoid late payments. We can help you with this

Customer experience with debt collection agency Breyta

Joëll J
Joëll J
23. November, 2023.
Super fine experience with Breyta and Kees Post After reading several bad reviews of other parties, I ended up with Breyta, who did have a lot of positive reviews. I now understand why. After initial contact, I was advised to send a pre-collection letter. After this came to nothing, I received a neat phone call asking if I wanted to start the collection process. After I answered in the affirmative, the collection process was started. During the collection process, Kees kept me properly informed at all times. If I called late in the evening, there was always an employee present to speak to me and to leave a call-back request with Kees. The next day I was then neatly called by Kees. In the end, there was little to no (re)action from my debtor. When we were about to start legal proceedings, we received word that my debtor was going to file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately. Despite this disappointment, I would still like to thank Kees and his team enormously for thinking along with me and the fine service during the process.
Sandra van Heel
Sandra van Heel
22. November, 2023.
Super satisfied with Breyta! I will recommend it to anyone if you are looking for a collection agency that absolutely honours its agreements. They respond quickly and they do everything they can to help you and keep you well informed of progress.
Sofia Valero
Sofia Valero
25. October, 2023.
Great service
Meubelmakerij Roos en Termaat
Carpentry Roos and Termaat
25. September, 2023.
Fine company clear and act fast.
S. van Daatselaar
S. van Daatselaar
7. September, 2023.
Thanks for a great collaboration!
17. Aug, 2023.
Very neat company do what they promise !
Bennie Jansen
Bennie Jansen
14. July, 2023.
Breyta debt collection did an excellent job for me. The full amount of outstanding invoices was collected for me. Top!
Yward Botma
Yward Botma
11. July, 2023.
Fine experience with this company, professional, good communication!
27. June, 2023.
Super nice cooperation and good communication, thank you very much for the service!
Big Big
Big Big
24. June, 2023.

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