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𝙉𝙤 𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙚, 𝙣𝙤 𝙥𝙖𝙮. If we do not collect anything, it will cost you nothing


Your debt collection case handled within 3 hours on working days


One dedicated debt collection specialist handling your case

Looking for a reliable debt collection agency for businesses?

Breyta has the same goal as you: getting your invoice paid while keeping your customer relationship intact. That is why our collection methods are innovative and people-oriented.

Without a foot in the door, without blunt axe work. We believe in results through connection and personal contact. Engaging Breyta collection agency is quickly arranged.

You think about the best approach, so that the solution works for all parties. Without you paying for it, by the way.

Breyta works on a no cure, no pay basis. With our complete range, including pre-collection and debt management advice, you will achieve the most sustainable results with Breyta.

In most cases, we collect the full balance within 4 weeks.

Roadmap - hiring a collection agency

Step #1
Step #1

Start debt collection case

You can here, easy online start the collection case. We will ask for some details from you and your non-paying customer so we can get started right away.

You can start the collection case using the button below or engage us at email or WhatsApp.

Step #2
Step #2

Action within 3 hours

On working days, we summon the non-paying customer within 3 hours. Thereby mwe would like to make use of the information available from you.

How best to reach your customer, via WhatsApp, e-mail or letter? What property or income does the debtor have?

We'd love to hear about it so we can get to work in a focused way.

Step #3
Step #3

We will keep you informed

As long as the bill is not paid, we will continue to contact the non-paying customer. In case of developments, we will inform you immediately.

Step #4
Step #4

Full payment

Our collection score is 91%. Is the outstanding balance paid to us in full? Then we will pay the full invoice amount to you the same day.

Step #5
Step #5

Legal proceedings

Your debtor pays nothing at all after our collection process? Then you don't pay anything either.

You can close the case or let us prosecute with a judicial collection procedure and then the bailiff Have the debtor's assets seized.

The advantages of collection agency Breyta

No cure, no pay debt collection agency

No cure, no pay is simple: if we don't collect anything, it won't cost you anything.

Does your debtor pay? Then it full amount for you, the collection costs are for the customer. Fair enough.

Our innovative and humane method usually works quickly. If not, we can always litigate. Read here more About our collection process. 

For legal proceedings, we are transparent about the rates.


Local and national

Breyta is based in Nijkerk. From this central location, we offer national coverage.

Feel free to engage us for an occasional debt collection or pre-collection. This can easily be done online.

Want to know more about a long-term partnership or debtor management?

Hhe doesn't matter to us where your company or customer is located. We like to get to know you personally. Our doors are always open for a non-binding conversation.

Relationship-friendly with pre-collection

Want to send a clear message but not start a debt collection case? Pre-collection ensures timely payments and does not put pressure on your customer relationship.

We send a friendly letter on our behalf, without charging any fees.

Your debtor understands: 'They are not angry, but they are serious.' No cure, no pay does not apply to pre-collection.

You can read how it works here: pre-collection service.


Partner in debtor management to court

We are your partner from accounting to court. We include all business, legal and psychological aspects in our approach. 

Engage us for all your debt collection issues. We can advise you on effective debtor management,  or other collection and bailiff services.



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Reviews of Breyta: 5 out of 5

S. van Daatselaar
S. van Daatselaar
7. September, 2023.
Thanks for a great collaboration!
17. Aug, 2023.
Very neat company do what they promise !
Bennie Jansen
Bennie Jansen
14. July, 2023.
Breyta debt collection did an excellent job for me. The full amount of outstanding invoices was collected for me. Top!
Yward Botma
Yward Botma
11. July, 2023.
Fine experience with this company, professional, good communication!
27. June, 2023.
Super nice cooperation and good communication, thank you very much for the service!
Big Big
Big Big
24. June, 2023.
Countrymill Horsesupport
Countrymill Horsesupport
20. June, 2023.
Super satisfied with handling, quickly and neatly arranged, thanks for that.
Marc Pennards
Marc Pennards
19. April, 2023.
Mohamed El wadya
Mohamed El wadya
26. March, 2023.
Super nice cooperation and good communication! The company is committed to its customer for 200%. I am very satisfied.
Janneke Arkesteijn
Janneke Arkesteijn
3. March, 2023.
Quick and very friendly contact. Have kept me well informed of the status of the procedure. Everything was handled quickly in the end!

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